Jun. 6th, 2012

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Up early hoping to see the Transit of Venus. Sunrise here is in about fifteen minutes; cloud cover currently quite thick.

The only place in our house to see the sunrise is my bedroom, currently containing OH who (a) doesn't want to be woken for the event and (b) was a 100% shitbag yesterday and we're not actually speaking. (As of about 10pm when I tried to negotiate a parley he said the problem was I'd lost my temper. Er, he was the one shouting about moving out if he didn't get his way, and I was the one in floods. I really, seriously, did not lose my temper and can't begin to imagine how he could think I did. Of course, I did express an opinion which was all my own, which I suppose would do it.)

Anyway, I'm just stewing myself a cup of tea then I'm going to wake up oldest son and middle to join the hopeful waiting. I haven't seen the sun for the past two or three days, so not actually that hopeful. The last occasion, eight years ago, was brilliant - clear skies all the way through from early to the end at 12:20 ish - but the kids don't actually remember it, so I hope they can see it today.

*crosses fingers*

ETA: I saw it! The clouds lifted and we got about twenty-five minutes of brilliantly clear viewing.

At about 5am it really didn't look as if we'd see anything, but the view from my house is quite restricted anyway because of houses and trees, so I thought I'd drive out to a local viewing point. It's only ten minutes away on the south side of the valley and as a bonus is right next to the road so I just went as I was, no need for coats and boots etc. The kids decided to stay in bed so I went alone; when I got there I saw five cars parked already, and there were about ten people and seven telescopes. My main reason for going, apart from having a better chance of seeing the transit, was simply to share the experience. As a "mum at home" I lead a very solitary life; most of the time it suits me quite well, but I do feel the need quite badly sometimes to actually get out and connect with people.

When I arrived you could definitely see where the sun was, but I think we were all sort of resigned to not seeing anything. Anyway, at about 5:25 the clouds started to thin, and then at about 5:30 the sun came fully out and we saw it! Transit of Venus, next opportunity 2117, performing at a hill near my house.

I couldn't get my telescope to focus properly for some reason, although it was brilliant last time. It didn't help that the sun was so low so I was having to prop up my bit of paper rather than having it laid flat. It didn't matter in the end, because the owners of the telescopes were letting people look, and I got some great views. Some of the people there I think must have travelled for over an hour to get there, and they were exchanging texts with other members of their club who had chosen to go to Broadstairs instead, where it was apparently raining, so we were very lucky. I'm very pleased I went; I feel I've actually done something today.

I'm now back home and the kids are still in bed. OH phoned earlier to ask what time I'd be home as he was going to work, so I'm sitting here in peace and quiet and feeling like it must be lunch time. Time for toast, I think, then I'll send the photos I took of the telescope people to their club email address.

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