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I see yet another arrogant bastard male has killed his own children and then himself. Does anyone understand the male psyche enough to explain just how a man can think that because he doesn't want to live any more, his children shouldn't be allowed to either, and that he has the sole right to make that decision?

It's sometimes suggested that men do this to spite their ex-wife, but could anyone really do something so horrific for such a stupid petty reason?

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Date: 2012-10-03 05:45 am (UTC)
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I'm not sure which incident you're referring to (my take in of national news is sketchy at best) but have to confess that my overwhelming emotion on hearing about things like this is always overwhelming sorrow for the bereaved mother - how on earth does anyone get over something like that?? I don't think you ever do... And what terrible things were going through the father's mind, you have to wonder?!? Truly an example of 'the balance of mind being disturbed' if ever I saw it. Terrible.

I watched some of the docu-drama about Hillsborough the other night before my OH came in and switched channels - now that made me angry and disgusted - sheer incompetence on so many levels and so many people (survivors, those who tried to help on the day, families of the dead) are still suffering the consequences even now... *sigh*

Edit: OK I saw the report on the news when I was at the gym - how very very sad. The poor mother... and the kids were so little... dreadful.
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